NXRM Pro License - Is Caching artefacts possible?


I’m evaluating, the use of nexus pro, for my own usage.

I was wondering about the license terms
In Section 3(e) “Restriction” :

use the Products in a manner that breaches Section 13(a) below; (v) market, sell, resell, rent, sublicense, distribute or lease the Products, (vi) scrape, collect, mirror, or in any manner compile Software Component Identifiers from any public repository using the Products for the purpose of creating a copy of that repository (or any portion thereof);

Does this mean, I can’t set up a caching server in front of NXRM on my local network so I can reduce the billing of my S3 Store (Network costs) and also reduce download times?
Or does it means I cannot do that on a repository that is public and uses a NXRM pro instance?

Thank you

Edit : Sorry markdown does not really render as I was expecting.
License is here, see Section3(e)

@noki.dev Both of the uses you describe are completely okay with us and are quite common among our customers. Many people put NGINX or other caches in front of one or more repository nodes, we encounter this all the time. Thanks for raising this question!

Just to follow up, this seems to be an older copy of the EULA. The one to look at is here:

We’ll be fixing the stray old version shortly. Thanks again for raising this question!