Obtain Publish Date via NXRM API

The UI for NXRM (I am using 3.69.0) reports “Age” and also timestamps for “created” and “updated”.

The API response includes the “created” and "updated* timestamps… but seems to contain no timestamp relating to Age.

This is a problem, Age is critical info when it comes to implementing policies that are using this data as a measure of operational risk.

Am I overlooking something? Or does NXRM have a gap that should be addressed?

I believe that it is a gap. I have just read the very interesting new blogpost by @brianf, Very new: 26th June is still today, as I type this!

Maven Central and the tragedy of the commons

If I cannot get age from NXRM then I have to get it from Maven Central… helping to contribute to the “tragedy”.


@msymons Moving to the NXRM category for better visibility!