October 2023 Learn Package - Training and Education

The Sonatype Customer Education (CE) team is excited to share our newly released assets for the month of October. This month, we are focused on our Learn site and all of the courses, guides, and other self-service resources available there.

New Content

Onboarding Developers in Omaha Advice Article

This month, Sloan gives advice on how to onboard developers to an essential tool quickly and effectively. Unsurprisingly, education plays a big role!

Asset Library and Content Page Improvements

The once course-focused Learn site now features all educational assets created by the Customer Education team. Our new Asset Library now features access to videos, guides, articles, and of course, courses. Learners have the ability to view all assets by content type or specific product – and will be led to redesigned pages – which make aligning with relevant content (from a pool of all content) easier than ever before!

Have you Heard about Sonatype Learn?

Discover all of the customer education resources Sonatype has to offer, not only on Sonatype products but also on industry-wide topics.

Existing Resources:

We have several videos on the My Sonatype customer portal that provide a portal overview, show how to set up support contacts, how to submit an idea, and an overview of Learn group management. Watch them all in our Video Library.