Offline repositories still used via group repositories

I have noticed that if you have a proxy repository which is uncheck the online checkbox and is still in a group repository that it is still used and requests are being sent. Then I see status saying “Offline - Remote Available” after this point for the proxy repository which is not listed as a status in Repository Management (

Is this behaviour expected? I would have expected myself that repositories in a group which is put offline shall not be used.

This is tested in latest released version 3.65.0-02 and seen in earlier versions too.

Proxy repositories that are offline can still receive requests, but they should respond only with components that have been previously cached. If you don’t want a proxy to handle any requests at all, you might either remove it from the group, or write a routing rule that blocks it from processing any requests.

So based on what I see right now, this is happening:

  1. Request received to group repo
  2. Offline proxy repo receives it via group repo
  3. Request is sent out to the URL defined in the proxy repo (can be seen in outbound-request.log)

So based on your answer then it seems like a bug that an offline proxy repository is still sending requests to the defined URL and not only using what has been previously cached?