On-prem NexusIQ & Jira Software Cloud integration


Been using the NexusIQ plugin for our on-prem Jira server for a while now. It makes integration pretty straight forward and it just works.

We have now recently moved to a Jira cloud and NexusIQ plugin is nowhere to be found in the marketplace. There are talks of doing the integration via REST API calls, so my question is; has anyone managed to do the integration successfully using REST API? If so, please guide me on this process if possible.


bump… Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hi @olaf.williams,

We are currently beginning development of a native Jira Cloud app which should allow you to easily integrate into your Jira task management. It will be released in 4Q24. In the meantime, there have been clients who leverage the Lifecycle webhooks to create tickets in Jira, however, I’m unsure as to the current state of these integrations. My suggestion, if possible, would be to wait for the official release.


Hi @jyoung

Thanks for the feedback :ok_hand:

Yes, Webhooks do work great when dealing with Jira server. For Jira Cloud, however, it seems our only option is using Jira REST API endpoint.

I have done the basic integration setup and it allows me to retrieve all the projects and issue types from Jira cloud. IQ then allows me to add a policy and set Jira as a recipient and also then provides me with the list of Jira projects that it pulled.

However, once IQ performs the scan, this is what I see in the logs:

2023-09-21 08:38:09,074+0200 DEBUG [PolicyEvaluateService-21]  com.sonatype.insight.brain.jira.JiraPolicyAlertNotifier - Sending JIRA notifications for application: 95f7ac3efdef481a880039b5e3beb175, scan: 98dd12afbdbe44afbfc6549890a25c6e, stage: build

2023-09-21 08:38:09,075+0200 DEBUG [PolicyAlertJIRANotifierForScan-98dd12afbdbe44afbfc6549890a25c6e]  com.sonatype.insight.brain.jira.JiraPolicyAlertNotifier - Not sending JIRA notifications for application iCBS.RLA and scan 98dd12afbdbe44afbfc6549890a25c6e in stage build, no JIRA projects configured for any violated policy

I suppose this is a bug? Because the project has indeed been configured.