Operator channel does not contain older versions

On OpenShift I am using Nexus Repository Operator. Each time new version is published the older one cannot be installed. I have some integrations to Nexus so when I deploy new system I need to install a specific version of operator with a specific version of nexus. Last time this happened a few day ago when there occurred a new version update from v3.37.3-1 to v3.38.1-1. One this happens I cannot install older version of Operator with the following Subscription YAML:

apiVersion: operators.coreos.com/v1alpha1
kind: Subscription
  name: nxrm-operator-certified
  namespace: nexus
  channel: stable
  installPlanApproval: Manual
  name: nxrm-operator-certified
  source: certified-operators
  sourceNamespace: openshift-marketplace
  startingCSV: nxrm-operator-certified.v3.37.3-1

Applying this YAML result in unknown failure to install and in OpenShift Operator Manager I see:
I0421 13:10:29.083824 1 event.go:282] Event(v1.ObjectReference{Kind:"Namespace", Namespace:"", Name:"nexus2", UID:"2aa940f2-db76-4210-a634-6483a3e9e103", APIVersion:"v1", ResourceVersion:"14610438", FieldPath:""}): type: 'Warning' reason: 'ResolutionFailed' constraints not satisfiable: no operators found with name nxrm-operator-certified.v3.37.3-1 in channel stable of package nxrm-operator-certified in the catalog referenced by subscription nxrm-operator-certified

Why are the previous versions removed from the channel?