"org" folder with unknown icon in maven-central repository

For a few weeks, in our maven-central repository (proxy type) the “org” folder is displayed at the end of the list with an unknown icon. Nexus seems to consider it as an asset.
What does this icon mean?
Can I safely delete this folder (or this asset seen by Nexus), hoping that a new org folder will be correctly recreated (normal icon and display in alphabetical order of folders)?
Thank you in advance for your answers.

That’s odd. The folder icon indicates that we have a “folder” (all of those folders are actually virtual) and an “file” at the same location in the tree. That shouldn’t happen with the maven format, but perhaps your repository has cached some html response at that level. Just deleting the asset should be safe as it will only remove the asset, but deleting the folder will delete everything underneath which you probably don’t want.

I clicked on the “delete asset” button. This caused the org folder to disappear in the maven-central (proxy) repository but it was still visible in the maven-public (group) repository. To make this org folder reappear in the maven-central repository, I had to make Nexus download a new asset that was not already present in this org folder. This org folder is again displayed with a normal icon and listed among the other folders in alphabetical order.
Thanks for your advices. my display problem is solved.

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