Override Nuget Proxy Repository Type

Hi, I currently have the problem that I want to proxy a Nuget V3 repository hosted in Artifactory, the URL however doesn’t end in index.json so NXRM recognizes it as a V2 repository. This means that requests to the repository fail. Is there any way of overriding the source proxy repository type? Thanks!

I haven’t tried this… but does it work if you add “/index.json” to the remote URL configured in the proxy repository?


Yup, I tried that as well but I get a 405 (Method Not Allowed) from the remote server so I can’t use that trick, sadly.

Hi, we created a ticket.
Please, take a look at.

Can I ask you one more thing? This Artifactory URL that you use, provides V3 service index?

Hi, yes, it delivers the service index (this is also the endpoint used in the nuget config, there we mark it as a v3 endpoint, NuGet Repositories - JFrog - JFrog Documentation), it just doesn’t end in index.json :slight_smile:

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