Path to the .whl file on the local server

Hi, Everyone
I am currently testing the version of Nexus 3.37-3-02 installed in the redhat 8.4 OS. I received a pypi repo event call back using webhook, and I am looking for the created file. Pypi event callback is as follows.

$ pip install “package name”

{ timestamp: '2022-09-04T23:21:18.863+00:00',
  nodeId: 'F83C2495-96AE69A9-251965B2-C22E08F0-3020649F',
  initiator: 'anonymous/',
  repositoryName: 'pypi-proxy',
  action: 'CREATED',
   { id: '6dfda0a843f4201dee1ae35e57875ff7',
     assetId: 'cHlwaS1wcm94eTo2ZGZkYTBhODQzZjQyMDFkZWUxYWUzNWU1Nzg3NWZmNw',
     format: 'pypi',
     name: 'packages/patsy/0.5.2/patsy-0.5.2-py2.py3-none-any.whl' } }

I’m trying to find the .whl file from above on the local server, but I can’t find it. (Use the find command)

The whl file has been uploaded normally inside the Nexus Repository, so could you tell me where that file is located inside the local server?

I can find the folder in the package, but there is no whl file inside.Only the py file exists. The extension stored in Nexus is a .whl file, so I think it is stored as a .whl file somewhere inside the local area, so do I have to build the .py files separately in whl?

Please help me… Thank you

Nexus 3 uses a blob store with internal IDs, it does not write files to a known location.

Each blob has a bytes file, and a properties file which contains some related information about the file (i.e. repository, path).