Possible to Check The Last Time a Repository Was Used?

Is it?

I have several repositories in my instance that I’m unfamiliar with and would to do a cleanup as it were. Ideally I would be able to see something along the lines of a “this repository was last accessed n days ago” or something of that nature. I don’t want to delete a repository without knowing if it’s still used or not.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This feature currently isn’t available, but we would love it if you can please submit this idea into our Idea’s Portal. We regularly monitor ideas coming in through that channel and can look into feasibility if there is enough public voting. If there are other product improvements you’d like to see, please let us know there as well. Thanks!

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@andrewwm96 one thing you can do today is create a cleanup policy that removes components that haven’t been accessed in a year (or whatever timeframe). If nothing in the repository has been used in that time, it will soon empty out and you’ll know it’s safe to remove the repository.

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You could also parse your request log