Postgresql data migration

We have successfully done with data migration to postgresql with the help of the document - Migrating to a New Database

Environment details.

  1. Existing nexus server running with default orientDB (running on VM)
  2. Deployed new nexus to k8s (AKS)
  3. Deployed new postgres to k8s (AKS)
  4. Executed migration process from Existing nexus server (VM) from data-dir/db as per the doc.
  5. Started the new nexus server from k8s and we can be able to find all the repos, and other details. But we can’t be able to download the artifacts/packages (jars, wars,zips) etc. Later we realized, blobs does not exists on new nexus servers.

I can only see some metadata and config details in postgres DB tables.

Is blobs also migrate to PostgresSQL as part of this database migration?

How to migrate blobs to new nexus server?

As you noticed, the blobs aren’t migrated; only database tables are migrated to PostgreSQL. I think you basically just need to copy everything from the old sonatype-work directory to get things going again. In particular the sonatype-work/blobs folder is where all of your file blob stores keep their blobs. Our resiliency example of kubernetes with local blob storage seems to only map the blobs folder. Single Data Center On-Premises Deployment Example Using Kubernetes