Potential bug in Nexus OSS 3.69 - not making /public files available for download

Ansible expects to be able to download a powershell script called install.ps1 from the local Nexus server in order to install chocolatey. This is achieved by placing the file in our environment under c:\programfiles\nexus-3.41.1-01\public\install.ps1. If you then https://nexus-server/install.ps1 then the file will download

I have upgraded to 3.69.0-02 and placed the file under c:\programfiles\nexus-3.69.0-02\public\install.ps1 but it is NOT available for download - instead I get a 404 - Not Found

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? I have spent a few hours trying to debug this but so far, no luck.

The public folder was removed in 3.68.1

You may be able to simply create a raw repository in Nexus and serve the powershell script from that repository - this won’t of course be at the context root for Nexus rather /repository/{raw-repo-name}/....

Thanks Matt, I’ll need to contact the authors of the Ansible win_chocolatey module to let them know of the change that’s needed.