Prevent Nexus from pulling blocked package metadata

The Nexus3 routing feature will allow you to block a package from an upstream repo, but the blocked package will be included in the group metadata because it was merged from upstream repo metadata. This means if the blocked package of the proxy repo has a higher version than an internal, similarly named repo, Nexus will still suggest the blocked package, but simply not allow it to be downloaded.

How can I exclude the blocked package from the group metadata?

For most (all?) formats you should be able to use the routing rules to block access to the metadata as well.

Thanks, @mpiggott, does that allow to block at the package level? We need the overall metadata for that repo, just not for the package in conflict.

No its all or nothing. The intent of the feature wasn’t to blacklist individual versions.

Sorry, I meant the package including all it’s versions, but not the overall repo. Is that possible?

@mpiggott I’ve tried adding a block to both the pypi package and metadata, but that isn’t working. Am I applying your suggestion correctly?

/package/<package name>/.*
/simple/<package name>/.*

Here is the configuration:

yet Nexus is still allowing it:

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Okay, figured it out…just needed to invalidate the cache for the proxy and group repo.