Privilege not visible at selection in role interface


i have created a privilege named mcs-mem

hen, I have created a role and when I tried to select my privilege, it is not visible in the list :

My nexus version is:
Sonatype Nexus RepositoryOSS 3.68.0-04

Anyone has an idea about the reason ?

Thanks in advance

I did a quick test on my local instance, but I’m afraid I can’t duplicate the problem. Maybe check the browser console for errors? Perhaps the name is using some special character that looks like the normal “mcs-mem” characters but isn’t? You could try a wildcard search like “mcs*mem” to see if that brings it up.

One other possibility is if you have a role and a privilege with the same name, that appears to get hidden during filtering. The fix for that issue should be in the 3.69.0 release.

Prior to the 3.69 release I believe this role could be created via the REST API directly if desired.