Problem with "Active Direct" integration. oss 3.14.0-04

I want using “active directory” for “nexus” authorization . As i understood connecting from “nexus” to “active directory” is established. Also i see some user id in user mapping test results. But I can’t login using “active directory” credentials . You can see more technical information in attached screenshot. ![screen1|690x384]

What do the user and group mapping settings look like?

This is all my setting

The user and group settings look like the defaults from our active directory template. This is just a starting point, you need to find out what your AD schema looks like and make adjustments as needed. In particular, find out where your user objects live in the schema, and adjust the User Base Dn setting accordingly. You’ll also need to enable “user subtree”, if your user objects are in a hierarchy under the User Base DN.