Problem with search scoped packages since 3.42.0

Has anyone encountered a problem finding scope packages in Nexus?
An example of a problematic search:
There are two packages in one repository:
“npm search mobile-test” shows only one package
“npm search @xxx/mobile-test” - no matches

I tried searching by api in nexus:
curl -X GET ‘https://aaaa.bbbb/service/rest/v1/search?repository=yyyyy&name=mobile-test’ returns two packages (one has “name” : “@xxx/mobile-test”, the other “name” : “mobile-test”)
curl -X GET ‘https://aaaa.bbbb/service/rest/v1/search?repository=yyyyy&name=@xxx/mobile-test’ returns null

The problem started with version 3.42.0 of nexus, before that everything was fine. Any ideas on how to fix this?