Problems with Nexus

Returns a non-existing file.
The repo itself is empty. I deleted everything through the interface. The mirror from which the repo takes the data has also been cleaned.
Trying to load file via curl.
request.log: - - [24/May/2023:16:35:23 +0300] “GET /repository/timescale-apt/dists/focal/main/binary-amd64/Packages.bz2 HTTP/1.1” 200 - 76474 2 “curl/7.68.0”

But at the same time on Remote storage we got 404

Nexus 3 does not support browsing directories as your screenshot appears to be attempting to do.

Maybe my English is not perfect.
404 error on the mirror from which the nexus is building the repo shows that there is nothing to give back to the user. While the nexus gave the user quite a real file.
And so a request for a nexus (repo apt proxy) led to the issuance of a file to the user that was not on the original mirror (404 error in it) or on the nexus (when viewed through the browse menu)
Log files are given in the first post.

Your screenshot shows: