Proxy Nexus repository

I have a proxy Nexus repository configured. Recently I noticed a few artifacts was removed from Maven repository and they also got removed from my Nexus proxy repository. My expectation for Nexus proxy repository was if artifacts will ever get removed from Maven repository I will still have them in my Nexus proxy repository like forever until manually removed. Can this be configured somehow? Is this possible?
Currently My Max Component age is -1 and Max metadata age is 1440, default values.


The Maven format in NXRM is designed to prevent this so I’d like to dig in a little more and find out if we have a bug.

they also got removed from my Nexus proxy repository

Does you mean the binaries were deleted from NXRM or just that you were no longer able to fetch them? You can check this by browsing to the repository in the UI.

Which version of NXRM are you using?

Which components were removed from central?