Proxy problems with autoblock option "changed from AVAILABLE to UNAVAILABLE"

Hello, I am getting this error when try to install package from my nexus (APT,YUM). It only happens sometimes and usually only 1 of 10 repos have this problem (not always the same repo) others works fine.

*2023-05-29 07:56:56,756+0000 INFO [qtp1441634116-598] UNKNOWN - Repository status for my-proxy changed from AVAILABLE to UNAVAILABLE - reason Read timed out for

I am using nexus repo which have remote url to another nexus repo which have remote url to official repos and the connection between them are ok. I am wondering if it is recommended to turn off autoblock option. Is it possible to turn it off by default?

I have found this for nexus2:

I am using nexus version 3.51.0 and before with 3.29.0 there were same problems.