I succeeded to configure a docker repository for (proxy). I can search and pull images.
But I don’t have access to images secured by an authentication even I defined a valid username and password.
Nexus seems not to login to the registry.
Any help would be welcome.

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Are you getting an error when you docker login?


I set login level of org.apache.http to DEBUG. See attached file to get the details.

Hello, I sucessfully added proxy to my nexus “Remote storage:
Then I added it to docker-group.

Now I can pull docker image like this:

docker pull nexus/prometheus-operator/prometheus-operator:v0.50.0

Is there any way to do that image will be accessible via this link (with original url of registry):
docker pull nexus/

I don’t believe that is possible with the way Docker works. I’m 99% sure Nexus Repository doesn’t give you any way to do that in any event. You might be able to accomplish it by putting a proxy server in-between your dev machine and nexus and then having it rewrite the url, but I’m not sure that will work either.