Proxy repository not refreshing metadata even with max age 0

Currently running nexus repo 3.64.0-04 on 3 front end machines acting as pull through caching proxies

I have a nuget proxy repo with the following settings
Nuget V2
Metadata query cache age: 0
Remote Storage: <internal nexus repo server running 3.67.1-01>
Max Component Age: 10080
Max Metadata age: 0
Not found cache enabled: false

The problem is that occassionally one of the 3 pull through proxies with above configuration will start returning invalid results. Today one of them started returning that there were 0 results of a FindPackagesById call. The other 2 proxies return the correct result listing many versions. The source nexus repo also returns the correct result. On the problem proxy nothing I do seems to rectify the invalid response. When inspecting the outbound requests log I can see that it is successfully making the request to the source machine and getting a 200 response back, but the proxy continues responding with it’s invalid response.

Is this a known issue?

You should note that that configuration will meaningfully impact performance.

Given that the 2 proxies are correct, perhaps there is simply an issue with the remote returning bogus responses itself?

I verified that the source is returning correct data. The “bad” proxy just seems to refuse to pick it up.