Proxying the cocoa pods in the nexus sonatype

To proxy the cocoa pods packages which are used in my code i have updated my Podfile with source as my cocoa-pods proxy url. After updating the podfile and running pod install i can see all the specs inside my cocoa-proxy repository. I see nested folders inside with json files inside main Specs folder in it. I wanted to understand if this is the correct process or do we have any other way to proxy the cocoa pods.

Another question:

I am trying to have the Cleanup Policies for the cocoa pods which i have mentioned above. I created the policy and trying to use the Assest matcher to match the particumar pods (given as .* to consider all the dependencies), but observed in the preview results that the result is (No assets matched in the specified criteriea). Can you help me to understand if there is any seperate regex for this ?