Publish Build Artifacts to Nexus from Azure DevOps Build Pipeline

We got Nexus Repository Manager configured recently. We want to publish Build Artifacts from Azure DevOps Build pipeline. We are on Azure DevOps Server 2019(On-Prem).

Created the Service connection on Azure Devops.
Installed “Integrate with Sonatype Nexus” on Azure Devops.

Added the task to Build Def on Azure Devops., What repository type do I need to create on Nexus Repo manager? I want to publish Artifacts for a .NetFramework Project.
Please suggest. Thanks

We (Sonatype) do not provide that integration, you’ll need to consult the documentation or creator.

@vinaysagar123 I have the same issue you do. The plugin in the marketplace only supports Nexus V2 so it will not work with a modern install of Nexus. The options that I’m currently exploring are

  • using a command line task to call the rest API
  • powershell to call the rest API
  • using the maven task to do the upload. I am hesitant about this approach since I do not want to add a pom file to every repo.