Python API and Command Line Interface

How do I use it?

Python API and command-line interface for working with Sonatype Nexus

How to install

pip install repositorytools

Some command line examples

Preparing env. variables

export REPOSITORY_URL= export REPOSITORY_USER=admin export REPOSITORY_PASSWORD=mysecretpassword

Uploading an artifact

artifact upload foo-1.2.3.ext releases com.fooware

Resolving artifact’s URL

artifact resolve com.fooware:foo:latest

Deleting artifacts

by url artifact delete # by coordinates artifact resolve com.fooware:foo:latest | xargs artifact delete

Working with staging repositories

Nexus Professional only

repo create -h repo close -h repo release -h repo drop -h repo list -h

Working with custom maven metadata

Nexus Professional only

artifact get-metadata -h artifact set-metadata -h

Some library examples

For most of methods the same env. variables as above have to be exported or specified in call of repository_client_factory()

Uploading artifacts

import repositorytools artifact = repositorytools.LocalArtifact(local_path=’~/foo-1.2.3.jar’, group=‘com.fooware’) client = repositorytools.repository_client_factory(user=‘admin’, password=‘myS3cr3tPasswOrd’) remote_artifacts = client.upload_artifacts(local_artifacts=[artifact], repo_id=‘releases’) print(remote_artifacts)

Resolving artifacts

Works even without authentication.

import repositorytools artifact = repositorytools.RemoteArtifact.from_repo_id_and_coordinates(‘test’, ‘com.fooware:foo:1.2.3’) client = repositorytools.repository_client_factory() client.resolve_artifact(artifact) print(artifact.url)

Deleting artifacts

import repositorytools artifact = repositorytools.RemoteArtifact.from_repo_id_and_coordinates(‘test’, ‘com.fooware:foo:1.2.3’) client = repositorytools.repository_client_factory(user=‘admin’, password=‘myS3cr3tPasswOrd’) client.resolve_artifact(artifact) client.delete_artifact(artifact.url)


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