Quarantine a package

Does anyone know if there’s an option to quarantine an unquarantined package (ex. Pandas 1.0.0) from the Nexus IQ Server? We have the option to release a package from quarantine but there doesn’t seem to have an option to quarantine it back. We can remove the existing waiver that will reinstate violations but it still does quarantine the package.

The only way I can think of is to delete the package from the Repository Manager to prevent users from downloading the package.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Deleting it is the way.

The design intent behind Firewall was to not break existing builds, thus quarantines cannot be applied to content that has already passed through the evaluation process. At that point application evaluations are expected to be relied upon to locate problems in individual applications.

Thank you for the information! This is really helpful