Raw http based repository with directory listings

Hi all,

In Nexus 2 there was an endpoint where files was served also pemitted directory listings.

It seems that nexus 3 has api endpoint where you can list directories and see tags for the files.
But the files are actually placed somewhere completely different. The endpoint is missing directory listing.

Do you know if its possible to achieve it somehow also in Nexus 3? Or if not what was the reason for removal of it?


Nexus 3 doesn’t store files in a filesystem like Nexus 2 did, instead it uses a blob store which only tracks repository content, not directory structure. This allows Nexus 3 to handle more formats that weren’t really possible in Nexus 2. I’m not clear what exactly you are looking for, are you trying to figure out where the file is stored on disk? What for?

When using the Browse part of the UI there is an “HTML View” link that opens a view that replicates the directory listing. However as Michael mentions this will not map to how files are stored.