RAW Repo setting artifact version to null


I am using a raw Nexus repo to store some config .json files provided to us by a vendor. I am using the jenkins nexusArtifactUploader to upload and tag/version the files automagically. I can tell from the jenkins logs that all the plugin’s parameters are being set to how I want it, however when I peruse nexus artifacts for said repo via a GET /rest/beta/search , I noticed all the .json artifacts have their version set to ‘null’, which is definitely not what is specified in the jenkins upload step. Thankfully the version # is also embedded in the filename itself, so I can tell what is what.

I have encountered some errors incorporating other products because this vendor uses rather unusual non-semantic version notation, e.g. “2019.06BETA4.00” . Is version possibly being ignored by nexus because of this? And if so is there anyway to override it?

Also if there is a more user friendly version of exploring a repository’s contents that would be very useful to my group… EDIT: I just realized that the default RepoMan prompt searches the repo and is pretty user-friendly :slight_smile: So that’s good… but it shows a ∅ symbol as the Version of all the artifacts I have uploaded.

I am pretty sure this is intentional because anything could be in a raw repo so to evaluate version would be one of the first steps to a full fledged format (and not raw).
There may be workarounds, but FYI.

Yep you are right, I uploaded a dummy file with a more standard version of 1.0.0 and it still shows the version as Null. The way you explained it makes sense, thanks.