Raw Repository with HTTPS endpoint

I am new to nexus repo manager and I am trying to get a raw repository setup to simply host a binary that we can download from. We recently migrated our instance from one network to another. This new network does not allow HTTP connections of any kind. The old raw repository url that we curl/get the binary from is an HTTP url. I can’t seem to create a raw repository where the url to reach it at is an HTTPS one. Is connecting to a raw-repository using HTTPS possible? If not how can I achieve having nexus host this file where I can download it via HTTPS connection?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Omar,

It sounds like you’re asking about setting Nexus up with HTTPS. If so, our help docs contains information on system configuration: Configuring SSL

Hi Matthew,
Thank you for the response.
A couple of follow up questions.
Are you saying that the reason the URL for the raw repository having the HTTP url is because of the Nexus configuration? Does that mean once the config is changed that the url when creating the raw repo will change to HTTPS?