Recent UI changes make administration near impossible

We recently upgraded a few minor versions and the UI changes, presumably from the React work in 3.46/47 make it even more difficult than the UI already was (and it was already pretty poor).

Consider this screen. There is ample white space to the right, and yet with all the padding and the truncation EVERY entry looks identical meaning to find the one you want you either have to type the very lengthy name in full or do a maddeningly slow “hover for a tooltip” on every entry.

There is no good reason at all the space on the screen isn’t utilised, and the excessive vertical spacing means on a large, 4K screen I still only see 10 identical entries. How could this ever be considered an improvement? What is the point in having aesthetic white space when it’s almost impossible to use practically?

For anyone else struggling with this, if you have the option, try to write or install a plugin/extension such as in Firefox and apply this CSS, which works on the latest version, at least

fieldset.nx-fieldset {

Please watch Loading... which is the ticket under which we will resolve this issue. We plan to make significant changes to this UI to fix the usability problem.

Thanks for the response, will follow along eagerly!