Redirection of request from Tomcat server to Nexus Software repository

Hi All,


Currently we are using tomcat server for exposing its file system (storage of tools/installers) over web. The Tomcat server URLs of these softwares are being used in Bamboo pipelines, Dockerfiles and other places in scripts to download the softwares during the execution.

We are planning to move all the software repositories from Tomcat server to Nexus Software repository. Below is the example of the same.

Can anybody guide us on routing the traffic from software URLs to Nexus URLs so that we are not required to change in Bamboo Pipelines, Dockerfiles and scripts.

Current version of Nexus which we are using is - OSS 3.32.0-03


Just for clarity, Routing the traffic from*** to**** based on the software which Users are trying to download from Nexus repository.

This isn’t something you can do in Nexus, you’d need to use some reverse proxy or other server to redirect to Nexus

Thank you Matthew for your response. I will check on how we can implement this using reverse proxy.