Regarding Automatic Applications in Nexus IQ Server

Dear team,

Currently, it is possible to activate Automatic Application Creation via the NexusIQ UI.
However, in the case where we have several organizations in the server, this feature is not usable
as we can only select one parent organization.

Can this feature be extended to manage Automatic Application Creation for each Organization registered in the server?
This is how our server looks like:

Thanks so much again for your support!

Hi Andrew,

I believe the limitation for adding applications to specific organizations was due to keeping the scanners backward compatible. I had seen some organizations get around this by using a staging organization for new applications which are later moved to the correct organization by IQ server admins. It should be possible to write a script with the APIs to move any applications found in this staging organization if there was some way to look up the correct owners. The other models would be to script this so that the applications are added correctly the first time. This guide walks through a number of options and includes some sample scripts that could get you started. Let us know which way you end up going.

If you haven’t heard the ideas portal is also available for submitting requests for consideration to the Lifecycle teams backlog.



Thanks for your quick reply Chris.

We were able to get around this by writing a script that calls the API to post the application directly in the correct organization. This will get us going without manual intervention.

Thanks for the pointers too!

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Thanks for your help. Worked for me.