registries proxy in nexus?

Hello I would like to ask if is it possible to connect to and use nexus as a proxy/mirror? Just for proxy images. I was searching any information and its hard to find anything? Is that possible? Can I ask for some clues? or info? Is token auth available?

Provided you are on version 3.12.0 or higher it should work:

Where can find information how to configure token? for redhat?
When I do:

like in “

I got error:
Could not retrieve token from Status code: 401
2020-03-23 09:33:47,749+0000 WARN [qtp1779592358-288] admin - Error: GET /v2/nexus-repository-manager/manifests/latest: 401 - Access to the requested resource is not authorized

In my understanding I should use token not redhat credentials.? Is there any guide how to do that? or how to set up token?