Reindexing failures after upgrade

Upgrading from nexus-3.1.0-04 to nexus-3.19.1-01.

Post-upgrade, the service wrongly started as user root. I fixed it so it correctly runs under user nexus.

However, the service will not fully start. From the log:

*SYSTEM - Task 5eee8148-b121-4a5f-8d17-631c93cc0c68 : ‘Reindex npm repository - (npm-proxy)’ [repository.npm.reindex] execution failure"
*SYSTEM - Task 1b6fdac4-e72b-4581-84e4-82dd86722482 : ‘Repair - Rebuild repository search’ [repository.rebuild-index] execution failure

I’ve uploaded the full log to and I do have a full pre-upgrade backup of the sonatype-work directory.

Any help is enormously appreciated!



This forum isn’t the right place to debug technical problems.

If you have a support contract with us you can use our support system at Please note that the support system is for licensed customers only.

Otherwise you can try raising an issue at in the “Dev - Nexus” issue.

Either way, provide a support zip file if you can get to the Nexus Repo UI. Or provide the complete nexus.log file otherwise.



Ah ok. My bad but thanks for redirecting me!

I’m having the same problem. How did you sort this out?