Release 112 - New Left Navigation


This post outlines three changes, the first being the revamped navigation, the second being updates to the filters on the Dashboard and Reports pages, and the third being an updated logo in the navigation.

We’re excited to announce the rollout of our new and improved Nexus Lifecycle Navigation as of release 112. This updated navigation will allow us to improve the way you use our tool and supports the future of Nexus Lifecycle by affording us the flexibility to add new features and functionality to improve your ability to identify risk, enforce policy, and remediate risk across every phase of your SDLC.

What’s Changing?

Updated Naming

To provide better visibility and awareness of our product offerings we’ve made the decision to update the logo. Now you will see the title updated to say ‘Nexus Lifecycle’. Only have Firewall or Auditor? Those names will also be reflected in the Navigation based on your respective license.

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 9.30.46 AM

Updated Navigation Orientation

The navigation will be pivoting from the top of the page to the left of the page. The navigation items/links will remain the same and will continue to take you to the pages you currently use today.

Updated Filtering

The filters on the Dashboard and Reports pages will also be updated. The filters will move from the left side of the page and will be folded into a filter section in the top right corner of the tables. This change will provide additional real estate for you as you work to remediate risk.

What other improvements are coming?

This is the first of many changes coming to Nexus Lifecycle this year. As we look ahead, we’re happy to share that we’ll be continuing to make improvements to the usability and the functionality of Nexus Lifecycle. Most notably, we will have an increased focus on the recommendation strategies and remediation experience.

Where can I ask additional questions?

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Redesign looks great - looking forward to implementing. Great choice finally embracing the “nexus lifecycle” naming instead of “nexus IQ”, will avoid future confusion.