Release 128 - New Component Details Page

New to Lifecycle

The Lifecycle team has been hard at work redesigning the Component Information Panel (CIP) to provide an improved experience while researching component violations and taking action to remediate any risk brought in. We’re proud to announce that with Release 128 this functionality is now available!

What’s New?

  1. Dedicated Page for Component Information - We’re replacing the pop-up modal from the Application Report to provide an immersive Component Details experience. This additional real estate allows us to surface important information in a less cluttered way.

  1. New Version Comparison Functionality - We’ve improved the version explorer by providing a side-by-side comparison of the current and selected component versions.

  1. Increased clarity on the status of waivers. We’ve introduced a new indicator for un-applied violations. These will appear when a waiver has been applied, but is pending a report re-evaluation.

  1. Dedicated Tabs - Security and Legal focused users will have tabs concentrated on their day-to-day needs when addressing risk.



What’s staying the same?

  1. This component information will still be accessed from the Application Report.
  2. The information displayed on this page will still be application and stage specific.
  3. Recommendation and Policy Engine logic have remained the same.
  4. No information has been deprecated. All information surfaced in the CIP can still be found within this new page, but may be relocated. More information can be found in our help documentation.

Where can I learn more?

To read more about the features and functionality of the new Component Details Page, please refer to our help documentation. This documentation will be continuously updated as additional updates are made to this page.

What other improvements are coming?

Once rolled out, you will continue to see enhancements to the new component details page to improve and adjust the experience and functionality. Additionally, we’ll be shifting focus to dependency and waiver information, stay tuned for more over the coming months!

Where can I ask additional questions?

You can reply directly to this post. If you are not already registered to the Sonatype User Community, you will be prompted to create an account. This will empower you to create and reply to other threads initiated by both the Sonatype team and your community peers. Notifications can be easily configured to ensure you are aware of updates for a specific thread and/or important announcements within the Community.

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