Release Notes for Nexus 3.64.0

It looks like is downloading version 3.64.0, but I don’t see any release notes about this version. Does anyone know what updates are included?

Looks like you’re quick to the party. The documentation page has not been updated yet nor has an announcement for 3.64.0 been received i see :slight_smile:

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Thanks @mwhite and everyone for catching this. There was a misconfiguration for the link that resulted in it inadvertently pointing to a release candidate for 3.64.0. We’ve reverted that change and it should point to 3.63.0-01 now.

3.64.0 is not scheduled for release until Tuesday January 9. At time of writing, the actual version for the 3.64.0-03 will be the exact version. We recommend that you do not deploy 3.64.0-01 at this time.


Thank you for the update!