Remote auto blocked and unavailable connection reset

remote auto blocked and unavailable connection reset

Getting this error while accessing NPM registry/repository. Kindly suggest the solution ASAP.

Hi @prathameshthorat59! Welcome to the Sonatype Community!

Nexus Repository Manager will periodically check the remote registry/repository to ensure that it has network access. If Nexus is unable to make a successful connection, it will put your proxy repository into a “Auto Blocked” state. This will prevent Nexus from attempting to downloading new packages until the connection is restored. You don’t want your users of Nexus to be slowed down by Nexus checking a remote repository when it already knows that the remote repository is not available.

In our case, assuming you are attempting to access, it is likely there is an interruption between your Nexus server and the Internet. You may check your HTTP and HTTPS Request and Proxy Settings or perhaps your firewall settings in your environment to ensure that the Nexus application can make an outbound connection to the Internet.

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can you please suggest what steps should I do now to overcome this error?