Repeatedly getting Server disconnected message

Each time this url is requested - “” I get a server disconnected toast in the upper right hand corner. The response is: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. looks similar and we were on 3.20 when we noticed the problem yesterday. Updated to 3.26 and still seeing the problem. NEXUS-22760 notes the issue as Resolved in 3.22.

I don’t see anything in the logs that is meaningful to me and I could really use some help.

The issue fixed in 22760 was a performance issue where very large instances could have problems. You could check your request log to see if poll requests are taking a large amount of time.

If they are not timing out, you should check proxies, reverse proxies, adblockers, anti-virus, etc.

If they are timing out, you could try using jstack to capture what is taking time. If you have a support contract you could file a ticket for help.