Repomd.xml not being created

Hi everyone.
First time posting here and fairly new.

Running into an issue with Version 3.28.1-01 - OSS. When I create a repo, Maven, raw , Yum etc. I don’t get the repodata directory created nor a repomd.xml etc. I did not set the Nexus up. However, on Yum repos, sometimes when I run task to rebuild/repair, it does get created.

Maven repo never gets created nor updated (Old nor New) - all repos were imported from Nexus 2.
We are using Jenkins to upload and works as expected but not repomd nor any metadata files get created nor updated.
Thanks in adavance.

@kroig just to clarify, Maven and raw repos will never have a repodata directory, nor a repomd.xml. Those are specific to Yum repositories. Does that match your understanding?

It does clarify things a bit. However, even the Yum repos do not get a repomd.xml when created. I have to run the rebuild task several times before it does. I am not sure if it is that slow or is there something that was misconfigured etc. I did not set this up it was deployed, questionably, by someone else.

Figured it out :frowning:
Seems it is a combo of things. I will attribute to low resoruces. After uploading packages and a new Blob store, I had to wait a bit over 10 minutes. I have created a task to run the rebuild of yum and that seems to work. I will focus on the infrastructure next.
Thanks for the help.

When you upload an RPM Yum has a delay before regenerating metadata, and attempts to do so incrementally.

If you’re running the task that can be a slow operation (depending on the number of packages) and may block the incremental building.

I was told to change upload from curl to Maven… We are using curl to upload most everything. It should help with our issue.