Repository empty after folders transfert


I use nexus 3 on ubuntu 18.04.

I have an old VM and i prepare a new one for the migration.

I installed openjdk-8-jdk and i rsync those folders :

  • /opt/nexus
  • /conteneur/sonatype-work

I create the systemd service (from the documentation) and nexus start without any problems.

But! When i browse my repositories, i haven’t any packages, i have the message : No components/assets found in repository.

But in the blob stores i can see the space is used.

I tried to rebuild the index on every repositories but nothing change.
I miss something but i don’t understand what.

Can you help me?


Did you do the rsync while the Nexus instance was running? You need to copy over the data while Nexus is down. See the following article

Thanks for the answer! i will looking that doc

It works with this doc, thanks!