Repository Manager 2.14.3 to 3.18.1-01 upgrade faillure

Hi All,

I am currently trying to upgrade from Nexus Repository Manager 2.14.3 to 3.18.1-01. But i receive internal 500 error resulting in a failed migration of all repositories.

Both Nexus Repository Manager 2.14.3 and 3.18.1-01 are running on the same server.
The migration agent is able to grab the configuration files just not the repositories and capabilities.

This is a example of the error :
ERROR [qtp1723896486-115] admin - Failed to invoke action method:, java-method: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

Has anyone faced this issue before with the upgrade procedure or if anyone could provide any assistance would be appreciated?

That exact error is not familiar to me, but I’m wondering if you’ve run the upgrade in your environment more than once.
Doing this would require a reset (documented and not resetting might result in errors.
That’s just a guess since this exact error isn’t familiar to me.

Hi Jtom,

Thanks for your advice, but unfortunately it doesn’t fix my problem. The weird thing is the migration agent allows me to grab the configuration files if i select to just migrate configs but if i choose repositories it fails with internal error 500 :(.

Hrm, did you try just a single repository to see if it’s an issue with a specific one? Suggest pick a small one, if that is an option, or even create a new empty one on the NXRM2 end and upgrade that.
NOTE: Multiple upgrades are not supported but if it gets you past the step you are on, could learn something.

Without the full log it is not possible to diagnose this. I suggest opening an issue in the ‘dev - nexus’ project at and attaching the nexus.log file that contains this error.

Hi Joe,

Unfortunately still not working :frowning:

Hi rseddon,
this is currently open source so i cannot get support for this.

Open source users can access and file issues. Like @rseddon said, filing an issue there will allow you to send us your log file.

Just to be clear to any watchers, is not a support site (it’s a bug and improvement project) but Sonatype may ask OSS users to file there to keep their log files private but so we can more deeply diagnose issues.


Hi All,

Thanks for the help i will file a issue through this.