Request for the NRM OSS License

Could someone please explain why a company that proudly boasts an OSS product has made it so difficult to find the license governing said OSS product.

I work in a regulated industry and for the life-of-me I cannot find any documenation or material regarding the OSS license which the Nexus Repository Manager Community has been released under.

Hey Brandon,

Thanks for posting your question. You can find the license information over in Github. For example: nexus-public/pom.xml at master · sonatype/nexus-public · GitHub

We also have our attributions page with third-party code hosted here: Attributions



Hi Nick, Thank you for you expedient response. This is appreciated and should suffice for what I need.

Is there is reason why the GitHub repository “nexus-public” is not explicitly leveraging a “LICENSE” file in the root directory, using one would allow GitHub to highlight it in the menu bar which includes other things such as contributors and commits?

The license for the public source code is indeed EPL, as Nick pointed out. We will be adding a LICENSE file to the root of the nexus-public github repository soon.