Resource not found. Visit the community for help

On the ‘Analysis’ page I am seeing the following error on two tabs [Dependencies, Tool Results]

Resource not found.Visit the communityfor help.

Is this work in progress?

Hi Nigel,
Thanks for the report. We did notice this Friday, it does not seem to be impacting all repositories so we’re currently trying to figure out the common thread. So, yes it is known and being investigated but no culprit has been found yet. I’ll let the team know you are hitting this and they may have further questions for you (one offhand might be what repo/report you are seeing this on, but that’s all I can think of right now).
Thanks for your patience,

Hi @nigel.l.jones ,
The team is not convinced the issue we are investigating is the same you’re talking about.
Can you link to a report where you’re seeing the error so we can have more information?

The report I was referring to is Sonatype Lift -- Console

@nigel.l.jones Interesting, for that report both the tabs you mention load for me. Is that the specific report not working for you or just an example of the repo?

It was that particular report. However it did load for me now (though on iOS safari away from Mac so rather than desktop)

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Ok thanks. I had passed along success to my team who relayed that it might be a cache/cookie thing but also the report was large so you may have just hit a timeout. So, based on that, we suspect it’s working but could probably be tuned. If you have any more information/experiences, let us know.