Rest API to get all the component labels

I have a requirement where I need to fetch all the component label of all applications in one API call. One API is there in documentation but with that one you need to provide application id. I have hundreds of application and I can’t make 100 API call so looking for API which return all application component labels.
Basically I’m thinking to fetch all application and all reports and component label and then prepare a file which will have application id, application name and report link and associated component labels.

Hi @deepakhoonmrt92! Thanks for your question. I don’t believe that the API you are looking for exists - I did speak with our team about this and they agreed. I will let you know if I hear any differently. You can leave us feedback in our Ideas portal/search or vote for other related ideas as well.

have you tried the policy violation component? Policy Violation REST API - v2

When I used this I had to pass multiple policy id’s . The documentation says how to get this information :slight_smile:

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