Retrieve checksum (sha256) of a raw file via API

I’m having a raw repository and I want to retrieve the checksum (preferably sha256) of a file via the http API.

I can see the checksums in the attributes section in the Web UI, but I want to know if there is an endpoint to to this programmatically.

Thanks for your help!

Have you looked at the API section of the Nexus Web UI? The first section, Assets, is what you want. If you don’t know the Id of the asset in the repository, use the /v1/assets api to query the repository and it’ll give you all the assets. You can either parse that, or get the id and use the /v1/assets/{id} endpoint to get the specific asset, which will include the checksum information. This API will only give you md5 and sha1 checksums, though.

Thank you very much Stephen!
That’s exactly what I am looking for.