Retrieve ReportId from Maven-Plugin

When using the mvn-plugin in this way
mvn com.sonatype.clm:clm-maven-plugin:index com.sonatype.clm:clm-maven-plugin:evaluate …

I want to access the generated report in the ongoing build-process. Therefore, I need the reportId. How can I retrieve the reportId from the plugin.

Thank you,

Hey @wiesner.christian - I reached out to our Integrations team about this. You can generate a result file for the evaluate goal by using the clm.resultFile parameter.

For example…

mvn ... com.sonatype.clm:clm-maven-plugin:evaluate ... -Dclm.resultFile=result.json

You can open the result.json file and look for the “reportHtmlUrl” entry; its value is the link to the application report, and the last path segment is the report ID (e.g. 0cdd1cbeff4e4c34afcda69a043e4b38 below).

{ "applicationId" : "local-iq-app", "scanId" : "0cdd1cbeff4e4c34afcda69a043e4b38", "reportHtmlUrl" : "http://localhost:8070/ui/links/application/local-iq-app/report/0cdd1cbeff4e4c34afcda69a043e4b38", ... }

Hopefully that helps some!

See Sonatype CLM for Maven for more details on the clm.resultFile parameter.