Retrieving latest snapshot from Sonatype snapshot repository (public)

We publish releases to maven central via, but also snapshots

So to get the latest release a url like\?r\=central-proxy\&g\=org.odpi.egeria\&a\=egeria-connector-xtdb\&v\=LATEST\&c\=jar-with-dependencies

works a treat, or we can use an explicit version instead of LATEST. all good.

However, for an integration test I want to pull in an artifact that is the latest snapshot version (we normally are only building snapshots for one version at a time).

Via a simple URL I hoped:\?r\=snapshots\&g\=org.odpi.egeria\&a\=egeria-connector-xtdb\&v\=LATEST\&c\=jar-with-dependencies

might work, however I get a 404 not found.

now I do control the build process, so I could host that artifact I need elsewhere, but it would be nice to just get it from the snapshot repo.

Similarly, right now the test infra in question requires a http:// url to retrieve the file. No scripting. If needed I could change that (for example to determine the right version to use), just reducing work :wink:

So is it possible to get the ‘latest’ snapshot?


I think this may well be working fine, but showed up an issue in the artifact names in the latest snapshot. Our bad. !