RFE : multi-branches and multi-versions per application in IQServer


IQServer currently doesn’t support multi-branches and multi-versions per application.

Use case 1 :
As a security team member, I want to display the IQServer report of an application in version 2.3.4
This is currently not available in IQServer UI, you can only retrieve last report or a report by its hash code.

Workaround : store the report url outside of IQServer.

Use case 2 :
As a developer, I develop/maintain multiple versions of the same application ( gitflow workflow, etc ).
Currently I can have only one version per environment in the UI ( build / stage / releae / operate ).

Workaround :

  • desactivate IQServer scan on some branches ( not very nice… )
  • or create some other applications in IQ Server ( cons : maintenance of application creation/removal is more complex, grandfather applied again on new version )

The better would be that IQServer handle natively multi-versions and multi-branches.
( example for example like what has been done in other products like SonarQube )

Thx and regards