Rolling policy for nexus.log not working

Hi All,

In my /nexus/conf/logback.xml
I mentioned maxhistory hasa 90 in this config file in rolling policy, but its not getting reflected, Please advise

You’re modifying the wrong file. Make the change in logback-nexus.xml. That file has a default rolling policy of 90 days in it.

I’m trying to make a similar change. To clarify, in Nexus 3, should this logback-nexus.xml be located in the “/nexus-data/etc/logback” path?

Note: the logback-nexus.xml suggestion applies only to Nexus 2.x, specifically $INSTALL_DIR/sonatype-work/nexus/conf/logback-nexus.xml

As noted on How to override logback config in Nexus 3?, as of Nexus 3.15.2, the corresponding file for Nexus 3.x is not in the sonatype-work folder. Rather, it is in the nexus version folder $INSTALL_DIR/nexus-3.15.0-01/etc/logback/logback.xml

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