SAML handle user logout

Customer: Our SecureAuth guys are saying Sonatype is not correctly logging off the user. We can log in, but logging off is not closing the SecureAuth session. They want to know if you support the logout function. There should be some place to put a SecureAuth URL for logout if this is the case. Right now if we log in with SSO, we get directed to the SecureAuth login page and then enter credentials and then get redirected back to the application. All this is working correctly. When we log out, we just get sent back to the Nexus IQ login page. If we log in again with SSO, we do not get directed back to SecureAuth, no prompt for credentials, we just get logged in with cached credentials to the application. This is the part we need to fix. We need to clear out those credentials. There should be a way for Sonatype to redirect back to SecureAuth on logout to clear that all out.


Hi @roydecker, thank you for your feedback. Currently, we do not support the logging out functionality, although, this is something we have been considering as a future enhancement.

I will update this post when we consider adding this to our roadmap